International Conference on Industrial Engineering

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Sichkar, Valentyn N, <p>St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics</p><p>(ITMO University)</p>
Sitnikov, Alexander, Polzunov Altai State Technical University
Sivachev, Stanislav Maximovich, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Skomorokhov, Pavel Igorevich, Branch "System Operator of the United Power System", Joint-stock Company - "Regional dispatching management of the power systems of the Lipetsk and Tambov region"
Smagin, Alexey, Ural Federal University (UrFU)
Smirnov, Andrei, MPEI
Soe, Yan Naing, South-West State University
Soe, Yan Naing, u (Russian Federation)
Sokolov, Alexander N., Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education ???South Ural State University (national research university)???
Sokolov, Igor, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin
Sokolov, Vitaliy Yurievich,
Sokolov, Volodymyr, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University
Sologubov, Andrew Yurievich, South Ural State University, Energy Faculty
Solomin, Engeny, South Ural State University
Solomin, Evgeny, South Ural State University
Subbotin, Pavel Vladimirovich, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Sultan, Hamdy, PhD student, Dept of Electrical power systems, National Research University "MPEI"
Sumatokhin, Vladislav, <p>Moscow Polytechnic University</p><br />
Suzdaltsev, Andrey Victorovich,
Syzrantsev, Vladimir, Industrial University Of Tyumen
Syzrantsev, Vladimir, Tyumen Industrial University, Volodarskogo-street, 38, Tyumen 625000, Russia
Syzrantseva, Ksenia, Tyumen Industrial University, Volodarskogo-street, 38, Tyumen 625000, Russia


Thijel, Jassim Farij, <div class="page" title="Page 1"><div class="layoutArea"><div class="column"><p><span>Midland Refineries Company (Al - Daura Refinery) Ministry of Oil</span></p></div></div></div>
Tochilkin, Mikhail, Master's student, Department of Automation and Control, South Ural State University
Tokarev, Artem, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

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