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Anikin, Igor Vyacheslavovich, Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev -KAI
Anisimov, Anatoly, Ivanovo State Power University
Anisimov, Artem Vladislavovich, Pacific National Univercity
Anisimov, Kirill, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Anisimova, Ellina Sergeevna, Kazan Federal University
Anoshkin, Kirill, Rostov State Transport University
Anosov, Vladimir, Department of Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations, Faculty of Mechatronics and Automation, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk 630073, Russian Federation
Antamoshkin, Oleslav
Antipin, Dmitriy Yakovlevich, Bryansk State Technical University
Antipin, Dmitry Yakovlevich, Bryansk State Technical University
Antipin, Dmitry, Bryansk State Technical University
Antipina, Ekaterina, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (ESI SB RAS)
Antipov, Aleksey, Laboratory of Systems with Discontinuous Control V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of RAS Moscow, Russia
Antipov, Aleksey Semyonovich, Institute of control sciences of RAS
Antipov, Viktor N., Institute of Silicate Chemistry
Antonenkov, Dmitry,
Antonov, Alexander Mikhailovich, <em>Murom Institute Vladimir State University </em>
Antonov, Alexander Mikhailovich, <p class="Author">Murom Institute Vladimir State University</p>
Antonov, Dmitry, Ulyanovsk State Technical University
Antonov, Maxim Alexandrovich, Tula State University, Robotics department, Tula, Russian Federation
Antonov, Sergey,
Antonov, Sergey, MIREA - Russian Technological University
Antonov, Vladislav, Chuvash State University, Power Systems Automation Department, Research and Production Enterprise EKRA
Antonov, Vladislav I, <p>Chuvash State University</p><p>EKRA Research and Production Enterprise LTD</p><p>Cheboksary, Russia</p>
Antonova, Anna, Ural Federal University

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